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LessTests’ Smart Pooling
Our Story

COVID-19 has been announced as a global pandemic by the World Health Organization on Mar 11th, 2020.

Since then we have been working relentlessly to find a technological solution that will make a fast and decisive impact, helping as many people around the world as possible.

Our Vision

Helping the world live alongside COVID-19, and enable a better New-Normal by making COVID-19 tests accessible to every person in the world


We are using state-of-the-art mathematical algorithms to fuel mass pooled testing. Our technology can increase any liquid-based test efficiency by up to 5x compared to individual testing


How it Works


Smart and Strong

LessTests' Single-Step Group-Testing (Pooled Testing) solution is based on a State-Of-The-Art algorithm, and based on scientific research, engineering, and field experience from top universities and leading molecular labs around the world.

More Samples tested in Less Time for a Fraction of the Cost

Our single-step group testing algorithm enables increasing COVID-19 test efficiency by up to 15x using current lab setups and labware.  Performing the pooling before the RNA extraction phase, directly reduces test kits costs, while enabling significantly more tests to be performed.


Minimal Operational Friction

LessTests seamlessly integrates into your existing lab equipment and protocol. We know that lab throughput, traceability, reliability and ease of use are crucial, and we make sure to attend to each while keeping operational friction at a minimal level.

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