Financial Benefits

More People Tested

Get more people tested for the same cost.

Pipetting Samples

At Less Time

Save time on both processing fewer samples, and in more efficient operations.

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Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

At a Fraction of the Cost

Save on test kit costs, operational costs and time-saving costs.


Weekly Financial Benefits Example

Individual Sample Testing

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Weekly Benefits

People Tested



28,000 More Tests

Test Kits Cost



$455,000 Test Kits  Savings

Effective Cost per Test Kit



80% Effective  Saving per Kit 

Gross Profit


600% Higher

Gross Profit



  • 1,000 Samples/day

  • 7 days/wk

  • $10 per Test Kit

  • $50 per test reimbursement

  • 5x Sample/Test Ratio